Blog Post: Colby Crushes Takes Facebook by Storm

As published in The Colby Echo Blog,


As of late, Colby Crushes seems to be inundating the News Feeds and infiltrating the conversations of nearly every student on the Hill. The Facebook fan page, founded just last week, has most definitely hit the ground running.

The founder of Colby Crushes, who wishes to remain anonymous, decided to start the page after talking with a friend at UNH, where a similar page exists, and also because of a desire to fill the void that was left with the closure of the popular collegiate crush website Like-A-Little. The voice behind Colby Crushes believes the popularity of a site is a function of a number of things, claiming:

“I think that the reason it has been so popular is because everybody has that one person they see around campus who they wish that they knew better. Everybody can relate to that feeling of seeing a person of interest in the salad line at Dana, or in the gym, and wishing that they had a reason to strike up a conversation. Additionally, some are just plain funny, and others are genuinely heartfelt compliments which people haven’t had a forum to get off of their chest before now. At the very least, it makes for an interesting diversion from work.”

The site, despite being founded so recently, has been subject to an overwhelming response. Within under a week, Colby Crushes received around 330 submissions. While the page is enjoying its popularity, there is also the concern that it might eventually go the way of other Colby Facebook sites, such as Colby Compliments and Colby Confessions. However, the positive message surrounding Colby Crushes does increase the likelihood of its staying power. In the event that the site continues to grow, there are potential plans to create a full blown website, similar to Colby Crushes’ predecessor Like-A-Little. Whether or not the site grows, the response is resoundingly positive for now. And, in the words of the Colby Crushes creator, “In the end, I hope that the page makes people feel good, even if they don’t see any posts about them. Personally, seeing some of the awesome things that have been said about my friends has been one of the best parts of the experience.”

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