Summer Reads Series, Pt. 1: Today Will Be Different

  After the emotional rollercoaster that was A Little Life, I felt a humorous palate cleanser was in perfect order. I was in Venice, California, and after numerous Google searches, a disheartening conversation with a salesgirl in Malibu that went something like, “bookstores? Umm, I don’t know, California doesn’t have that many. We have a…

Dispatches from the Present: Dissecting The Past and The Futures

  I haven’t exactly made my penchant for novels featuring crumbling British aristocratic families on this site a secret (see here and here…and here, and also that The Pursuit of Love, Sense & Sensibility, and Love in a Cold Climate are among my favorite books), so it should come as no surprise that one of…

Summer Reads Series: Thriller Edition

I reviewed Ruth Ware’s In a Dark, Dark Wood back in October, thankful to the author for providing me with a book capable of capturing my attention while I sat in a stuffy jury duty waiting room for four days. The book was a captivating thriller that took place over the course of a weekend…

Summer Reads Series: Truly, Madly, Guilty

  Over the past three years, amidst the annual deluge of ‘beach reads’, Liane Moriarty has emerged as the reigning queen. While Moriarty has been publishing books since 2004, the witty Australian made headlines (or, at least, an impressive number of book recommendation columns within newspapers and magazines) with her 2013 novel The Husband’s Secret….

Million Dollar Baby: What is ‘The Girls’ Really Worth?

“Isn’t that the girl with the 2 million dollar book deal?” On more than one occasion, this question instantly followed the reveal that I was currently reading Emma Cline’s first novel, The Girls. Obvious implication: is the book actually worth 1 million dollars (unless I’m mistaken, the 2 million is for a two-book deal). During…

The (Very) Dark Side of London’s Art Scene

It’s no secret that I cannot resist a good thriller. So, when I was perusing theSkimm during a lull at work and the girls were touting L.S. Hilton’s Maestra as “The Talented Mr. Ripley Meets The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” you better believe I pre-ordered.

Summer Reads Series, Pt. 2: The Nest

I read The Nest over a month ago now. Normally, I post book reviews one to ten days after I’ve finished reading, depending upon how busy I am. The reason for my delay with The Nest, though, is entirely different. Pure confusion. I simply cannot decide whether or not I liked the book.